YellowKorner Monaco, created in 2019 by Leonidas Kambanis, has made yacht decoration one of its specialties.

Written by the redaction – Photos: Aurore Teodoro, Tom Claeren & DR

Everyone knows YellowKorner, the network of galleries, specialized in numbered and limited-edition art photos, present all around the world. Since 2019, the Principality also hosts its own gallery, just a stone’s throw from the Casino de Monte-Carlo. In the heart of the world capital of yachting, the Monegasque boutique, created by Leonidas Kambanis, has successfully diversified and is now equipping yachts. “It is a specialty of the Monegasque boutique. We have noticed that people want to spend more time on their yachts, so they want to decorate them with art and different decorative pieces that would somehow relate to their character, but also to their houses. When I identified this need, I started approaching designers and owners that were visiting us and asking what we could do on their yachts”, explained the managing director, who is also a naval architect, a profession involving a love of the sea, boats and life on board, and which gives him a sharp eye. “When we create a new boat, we receive a blend of information from the buyers who had thought about their tastes, lifestyle… This information is a kind of inspiration, which we mix and put on paper. Having this background helps me a lot, because I can feel why a boat was built in such a way, what kind of lifestyle there is on board…”

“Follow your instinct”

Today, together with his manager Mathias Brancato, Leonidas Kambanis and YellowKorner Monaco have decorated more than a dozen yachts, including Sanlorenzo’s Cloud 9 (61.5m) or the Custom Line (Ferretti Group) 33 metre “Best Off”. They are also in contact with shipyards, designers, yacht managers and of course private owners, to whom the gallery recommends to follow their instinct and find what would make them happy on board, without worrying about fashion effects. It must be said that there is an unlimited scope of possibilities. In addition to YellowKorner’s thousands of photos, on more than 70 different themes (fashion, wildlife, nature…), the Monegasque boutique offers the opportunity to personalize their decor with their own photos, while benefiting from YellowKorner’s expertise and high-quality printing. “Aluminum is not corrosive, so the photos on board will last forever. The owner will more likely change yachts before changing photos,” Leonidas Kambanis joked, before adding: “the print can be matte or glossy, depending on individual taste. We are currently introducing a non-reflective, museum quality glass. On a yacht, there is a lot of light, sun and sea reflection. Sometimes, owners choose matte quality to avoid such reflections. With this new glass, they can opt for a glossy finish.” Note that since the last Monaco Yacht Show, YellowKorner Monaco has added a string to its bow with the “White Room”, a room showcasing the newest collaborations with the prestigious HOFA Art Gallery and numerous other talented European designers.

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