Yacht Class n°16 (mars-avril-mai 2019)

More than two years after its acquisition, the port of Cala del Forte, managed by the Société d’Exploiration des Ports de Monaco (SEPM), is taking shape and will soon be ready to welcome its first yachtsmen. We met with its management team to take stock of the work progress.

Only a few months left to wait. By the end of the year, the third port of Monaco, Cala del Forte, will finally be completed. Its construction work is already well underway (previous page). Focus on this new marina that will offer additional berths for units from 6.5 to over 70 metres.

Can you give us an overview of the progress of work ?

As with any construction work, some construction tasks have suffered delays, and pleasurably many tasks are well ahead of schedule. We are respecting our construction timeline and anticipate that all construction works shall be completed by the end of the current year (2019). 

What about “Variante 3”?

After diligent consideration, the Italian authorities have given us permission to complete the marina with an optimized mooring plan called ‘Variante 3’. This layout ensures that all yachts are given ample space for safe manoeuvering, has allowed us to create a larger drydock and work area for the shipyard, permits us to create a safer marina with regards to access, parking, storage and fire safety and has enabled us to create a 70m alongside berth with 700+m2 private dock.

When will the work be completed ?

We anticipate that all construction works for the marina shall be finished by Q4 of 2019 and berth owners may enter as soon as the Italian authorities complete conformity checks. As for the shops, we project that all construction of the shops, restaurants and boutiques shall be completed on time to give the opportunity to the shop owners to furnish and decorate their units with the view to be fully operational for the opening of the Marina. Finally, the public works are currently scheduled to be finished by the end of 2019 and include the refurbishment of the tunnel and surrounding boardwalk, re-paving of nearby streets, renovation of Piazza della Costituente and Piazza Marconi to include energy-saving lights and the construction of an elevator linking the marina with the old-town of Ventimiglia Alta. As these tasks are varried both in location and involvement, the completion of some of these elements may take effect in the first semester of 2020.

Can you describe the surveillance system in Cala del Forte?

The Marina of Cala del Forte belongs to the Ports of Monaco and as consequence, the security standard offered must be of the highest possible level. Particular attention has been given to safety on all levels: Safety of the basin shall be ensured thanks to our linehandlers for whom we have created a 5 week intensive training programme in order to select the best 10 of the 100+ applicants. Access and fire safety has been reviewed extensively in concordance with the local and regional authorities. Surveillance shall be guaranteed by a system of 70 CCTV videocameras and of course all access points to the marina shall be guarded on a 24-hour basis.

Did you rely on the expertise of Monegasque companies to make this port a model?

Cala del Forte being a part of Monaco Ports, is directly linked with the Monaco Government. We have been fortunate to consult with entities such as ‘Monaco Parkings’ and ‘SMEG’ in order to benefit from their extensive expertise in their respective fields. The involvement of Mr Daniel Realini and Mr Olivier Lavagna has brought a wealth of construction and planning experience from their time served with the department of Urban planning of Monaco. And of course, all departments of the SEPM have been instrumental in bringing their knowledge and expertize of Marina operation.We are confident that clients of Cala del Forte shall feel very much ‘at home’ when visiting our marina.

A port is first a service. And service means staff … what were your recruitment method and selection criteria?

As previously mentioned, we have organized a 5-week intensive training programme for our linehandlers that has started on March the 5th 2019. Applicants are all professional candidates from the maritime sector, and we have selected the 30 best candidates to complete our course that is offered free of charge. At the conclusion of this training programme, our nominees shall be prepared for both the technical and the specific needs of our superyacht clientele. The best of our candidates shall be offered a permanent position in the marina of Cala del Forte.

Finally, how much progress has been made regarding marketing?

Berth purchase is made possible via 40-year leases on moorings between 8,50m and 70m. We have now sold out all sizes below 14m and have a limited selection of berths of various sizes still available for sale. In addition, of the 35 shops located within the Marina, 32 have already been reserved for rent. We have been delighted by the various requests that we have received and are pleased to announce that a broad selection of activities shall be present in Cala del Forte including six restaurants, fine-wine merchants, technical services for yachts, brokers, agents, Gerhard’s Cafè, Alberto Marchetti – one of the most awarded Italian Gelateria as well as luxury boutiques and a gymnasium. Visitors in Cala del Forte shall soon be able to meet all of their yachting needs and much more.

According to you, what are the assets of Cala del Forte?

Cala del Forte is a safeharbour: we are very proud to be able to announce that no damage whatsoever took place following the exceptional storm that struck the French and Italian Riviera in October of 2018. Thanks to the latest in maritime breakwater technology, and with walls of 7,50m in height, the interior basin remains unaffected by storms. As we are building a marina for the future, it was important for us to take into consideration potential rise in sea height and offer a modern structure that is nestled in the heart of the historic town of Ventimiglia. With Nice airport only 45km away and Monaco situated within eyesight at 7,9 NM distance, Cala del Forte is a wonderful homeport where our visitors and resident yachts shall be able to enjoy their asset year-round. With fiber-optic internet, multiple locations for visitor showers and baths, direct blackwater discharge pipes built into every dock and ample public gardens and services, Cala del Forte shall be a delight for visitors and yachtsmen alike.

Maritime works

  • Construction of the breakwater (2) and outer walls (2,3) have been fully completed. Their reliability was put to the test in October 2018 during a major storm. No damage to the port occurred.
  • Construction of the Central Jetty (Molo d’Onore) (7), outer jetty (6) and Pontile B (5) are complete.
  • Dock ‘A’ (4) is in advanced construction status.
  • Construction of the fuel distribution dock is in its final stages. Four tanks have been installed in their respective isolation pools.
  • Dredging and leveling (8) to the final depth of the marina is complete.
  • As of today, 87% of the maritime works are completed. 
  • On land works
  • The vertical elements that shall constitute the shops (1) and parking units are currently under construction. To date, 19% of these works have been completed.
  • To date (February 8th, 2019), all structural and civil works as well as those relating to architectural and landscaping design and the Harbormaster office have been contracted. Construction is expected to be completed in 4th Quarter of 2019.

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