Yacht Class n°24 (march-april-may 2021)


Written by: Philippe Leblond – Photos: Lionel Beylot

This Tempest 50, second edition, remains unchanged in its dimensions and structure, and is based on the same hull. It remains Capelli’s largest model in the RIBs Division and, as such, the most powerful and most expensive one. It is worth noting that it was launched only one year after the presentation of the first model… The cause is that the deck plan underwent a major redesign that saw the disappearance of the deckhouse giving the aft cabin an independent access and an exceptional headroom (2.09 m!). As this configuration did not achieve the expected success, the Italian shipyard decided to replace it by a more classic mid-cabin layout, with the second cabin less spacious and with less headroom. And the fact is that the removal of this massive deckhouse present on the initial T50 leaves a greater feeling of space on the deck. If the aft section devoted to bathing, with its two lateral passages running alongside the aft sunbed (170 x 220 cm) and leading to the swim platforms, remains unchanged, the dinette gains in size. This new 50-foot also progresses in terms of practicality with the kitchenette on the deck, within reach of the dinette’s occupants, while the galley was previously down in the second cabin, which required to go down to the lower deck. This layout is therefore more rational and this kitchenette offers a more generous work surface. Well equipped, it integrates two large refrigerators (a third under the steering seat), a sink and a ceramic-glass cooktop. It is easy to move around up to the huge forward sunbed (245 x 243 cm) and the integrated electric windglass with a local manual remote control (there is also one on the dashboard) activating a bow anchor. Let’s head a few metres back to assess the helm station and its three ergonomic chairs, with lift-up seat for rough sea conditions. Unlike its predecessor, this helm station is protected by an elegant hard-top. As for the very spacious dashboard, it can integrate two or even three large screens to offer a navigation station worthy of a yacht. The electronic controls, joystick and autopilot are Yamaha’s new Helm Master EX, a system that offers multiple functionalities.

Nice-Calvi in two and a half hours!

A few steps lower, we discover the large forward cabin (headroom : 1.96 m), with a double berth of 217 x 160 cm, convertible into a dinette and accompanied by a bathroom with a sink, a marine toilet and a shower cabin. The second cabin also has a nice sleeping area: 202 x 170 cm! However, it cannot rival the previous T50, which offered both an unbeatable headroom and the possibility of transforming the double bed into twin beds or a dinette. Less original, the new Tempest 50 seems however more in line with the general demand, thanks to a more classic deck plan, undoubtedly more user-friendly at anchor. On the other hand, lovers of comfortable cruising will undoubtedly regret the second cabin with its versatility and privacy.   
This sea outing at the helm of the Tempest 50 “phase 2” confirmed the good sensations we experienced aboard the “phase 1”, as well as the extremely similar performance with an identical engine configuration (4 x 425 hp Yamaha): 53.7 knots for the new T50 compared to its predecessor’s 53.5 knots. At this speed, the Tempest 50 still shows remarkable stability, as does her handling. Results at cruising speeds are also satisfactory: 38.8 knots at 4 500 rpm and 28.5 knots at 3 500 rpm. These speeds offer a range of respectively 236 miles and 291 miles. More than enough for a round trip to Corsica via the shortest route: Nice/Calvi (95 miles). These figures also confirm the adequate capacity of the fuel tank (2 000 litres) of this chase-boat, with the four Japanese V8.

  • Overall length: 15,00 m
  • Max beam: 4,20 m
  • Max Power: 4 x 425 hp (1 251 kW) 
  • Weight (without engine): 9 000 kg 
  • Sleeping arrangements: 2+2
  • Fuel: 2 000 l
  • CE Category: B
  • Price excl taxes: 611 617 € (without engine)
  • Max speed: 53,7 knot at 6 000 tr/min with 4 x Yamaha 425 hp
  • Fast cruising speed: 38,8 knots à 4 500 tr/min
  • Economic cruising speed: 28,5 knots  at 3 500 tr/min
  • Time to get out of the water: 4,7 secondes 
  • Acceleration from 0 to 20 knots: 5,0 secondes
  • Consumption at best efficiency: 123,6 l/h à 3 000 tr/min
  • Autonomy at best performance: 322 milles à 22,1 knots

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