Yacht Class n°24 (march-april-may 2021)


Member of Capelli’s famous “Luxury Line”, the T40 was launched in 2016, four years after the T44, first in this prestigious range. Although it looks like it, the T40 is one metre shorter in length, but above all half a metre less in width. The result is a smaller deck area and the removal of the second cabin. On the other hand, the T40 only requires two outboards to reach 50 knots at full throttle, when the T44 needs three. These two major differences make the range effect coherent, and we also find it in the substantial price difference : 290 325 € HT with 2 x Yamaha 425 hp for the T40 against 402 500 e HT with 3 x Yamaha 425 hp.

Written by: Philippe Leblond – Photos: Lionel Beylot

The T40’s deck is nonetheless very comfortable and user-friendly, thanks to its U-shaped settee which, with its large electrically height-adjustable table, forms a dinette for eight. This configuration does not deprive sunbathing enthusiasts of a spacious sunbed directly connected to the swim platform. Under this solarium is a huge, compartmentalized storage area. Its volume would easily accommodate a second double berth, but the yard did not plan this. This limits the T40 to couple cruising. Facing the dinette, the kitchenette houses a sink and a large refrigerator. Circulation on board is easy thanks to the open spaces and the walkways secured by the handrail of the cabin deckhouse.
The helm station is praiseworthy for the protection and the driving ergonomics it offers, whether standing or, during long trips on calm seas, sitting with the addition of a teak footrest. The dashboard has enough space for the Yamaha instrumentation (Helm Master EX with joystick) and a navigation system with a large screen. The forward sunbed occupies the entire deck, dominated by a voluminous bow nose integrating the anchor and its windlass, with local controls.

All the comfort for a week-end gateway for two

Let’s head to the cabin ! Behind the smoked plexiglass door, a few steps leads inside, where we stand on the ceruse wood-style grey floor also covering the cupboards at the entrance and the bathroom partition. The other surfaces are dressed with a light imitation leather lining. The decoration of the T44 was already sober, the T40 is even more so… Given the price, one might have expected a slightly more refined interior, even if the finish is not to blame. The bathroom offers a comfort that will be appreciated on a cruise : washbasin, shower with hot water, and toilet we would have preferred coffered, for elegance. This cabin, with a headroom of 1.75 m at the entrance (1.72 m in the bathroom), has a large double berth, convertible into a small dinette, a comfort allowing to consider longer cruises than just a weekend.
As expected, out of the three large Capelli, the T40 is the one providing the most steering sensations. The main reason for this is that, despite its more “modest” engine configuration (850 hp all the same !) its size and weight are more controlled. In fact, it proves to be more reactive (only 3”5 to go from zero to 20 knots !) and more maneuverable in the demanding development we imposed during this test. As it demonstrated in the tight turns in sport mode : a clear control, an accurate guidance, a constant and firm grip, and full traction re-acceleration out of the turns. It also felt good in high revs, with a course stability and the lack of roll, even when the trim was used to get the last tenths of knots. And at cruising speeds, the passage in a residual swell of 60 to 80 cm is very smooth with interesting engine performance : at 3 000 rpm (22.3 knots) consumption is only 60 liters per hour … with a range of 219 miles, worthy of a cruising boat. At the same time, with its two V8 engines, the T40 has all the attributes of a supertender !  

  • Overall length: 12,18 m
  • Max beam: 3,54 m
  • Max Power: 2 x 425 hp (588,8 kW) 
  • Weight: 3 900 kg 
  • Sleeping arrangements: 2
  • Fuel: 650 l
  • CE Category: B
  • Price excl taxes: 290 325 € (without engine)
  • Max speed: 50,2 knots à 6 000 tr/min with 2 x Yamaha 425 hp
  • Fast cruising speed: 37,4 knots at 4 500 tr/min
  • Economic cruising speed: 22,3 knots at 3 000 tr/min
  • Time to get out of the water: 4,9 secondes
  • Acceleration from 0 to 20 knots: 3,8 secondes
  • Consumption at best efficiency: 59,7 l/h at 3 000 tr/min
  • Autonomy at best performance: 219 milles at 22,3 knots

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