Yacht Class N°36 (march-april-may 2024)

In 2008, Summit Furniture has opened a showroom in Monaco, where its California-inspired furniture is on display. 

Text: Aurore Teodoro – Photos : Summit Furniture, Winch Design & DR.

Port Hercule and its superyachts are just a stone’s throw away. Nestled in one of the small streets in the historic district of La Condamine, Summit Furniture is easy to spot with its large bay windows giving an insight into its various collections. Coffee or dining tables, chairs and armchairs, sofas and sunloungers… its high-end teak furniture has been exhibited in the Principality since 2008. 

Monaco is one of the five showrooms of this Californian brand, which was founded in 1979 by William and Jane Siebert and still has its headquarters in Monterey, a small coastal town south of San Francisco. Along with the stores in California, Florida and London, Monaco represents a key strategic location in Europe and particularly in yachting. Today, 60% of the Monaco store’s activity is related to yachting. “This is our main day-by-day job, but we also work a lot with private customers for their estates on the French Riviera. We are fortunate that Summit is known and appreciated worldwide for its products. We are in direct contact with clients, yacht and interior architects, shipyards, captains as well”, the director of the Monegasque boutique Emmanuele Cattani explained, highlighting the after-sales services offered by the company, thanks to its location. “We can be in Italy, France, Spain, very quickly. Whatever the client needs, we are always here to help and to find the quickest solution 


Summit Furniture now offers a dozen collections in the Californian spirit of casual luxury. Ranges “which can be used in yachting, of course, but also in estates, villas and terraces, mainly outdoors, as well as indoors”, Emmanuele Cattani reminded. What sets them apart? They are made of teak and 316L stainless steel, two materials that can withstand all outdoor conditions. “Teak is known for its durability. It secretes oil that protects it. It is a perfect wood because it is not affected by termites and is water resistant”, confirmed the director of the Monaco boutique, before specifying: “The teak has come from Indonesia since 1979. We manufacture and handcraft all our collections, using only the finest teak in circulation. But most of all, since its creation, Summit has a sustainable approach. We are part of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) program for deforestation and we are therefore committed, to the Indonesian government, to be always in line with all the regulations related to teak (…) Every time a tree is cut down, a new one is replanted in order to preserve nature and not harm it.” 


While all of the collections can be found on a yacht due to their intrinsic qualities, some are more suited to living at sea than others. The X collection, with its oversized proportions, is rare on board, but will please mountain lovers. Among the “favourites” of the yachting world are the Linley, Loggia, Smoothie, Paley collections – contemporary furniture with discreet elegance – or the Picket, “one of the most comfortable with its rounded backs”. Another bestselling item is the “Director’s chair” from the Sundeck range, an exclusive line created by British yacht designer John Munford. “Sundeck is our only foldable and stackable collection. The chairs are therefore foldable, just like the tables. We have several sizes and this type of collection is also used on small units because it facilitates storage”, Emmanuele Cattani emphasised. The Summit range has also recently welcomed a brand new collection, Arc, designed by British designer Andrew Winch. Inspired by the immensity of the sea and the sky, it has already found its audience with its teak furniture interwoven between brushed stainless steel rods. As well as accessories, the company also offers the opportunity to customise cushions and fabrics. For a level of comfort and personalisation in line with everyone’s expectations 

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