Yacht Class n°34 (sept-oct-nov 2023)

A few days before setting off for a new expedition in the Mediterranean, the OceanoScientific Explorer “Love the Ocean” was blessed by H.E. Monseigneur Dominique-Marie David, Archbishop of Monaco at the foot of the Yacht Club de Monaco, Yvan Griboval’s home port. “This particularly well-built Lagoon 590 will be the first oceanographic sailing catamaran. We won’t emit any CO₂, because we will be sailing and using a lot of solar panels,” explains Yvan Griboval. The explorer will be quite busy the next few years. “We’re on a 2023-2030 cycle,” he stated. “The first part of the season will focus on the French coast, and mainly the Mediterranean, to promote the new jobs in the blue economy and discover tomorrow’s talents, as part of the ”Tour Mer et Métiers”. We’ll spend the rest of the year in the Indian Ocean and the French archipelago of the Éparses. There, we will work on sponges, along with scientists coming mainly from the universities of Mayotte and Réunion, in order to find new specimens, because it seems they are very abundant. We will collect tiny pieces of them so that they can be sequenced and used to find molecules of interest for health, well-being, cosmetology and dermatology… Sponges have the special ability to filter water and digest any excessively swarming substances”.

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