YACHT CLASS N°12 (Mars-avril-mai 2018)


At the head of the future port of Cala del Forte : a man of experience, both as a competitor (America’s Cup 1992, Sardinia Cup and Copa del Rey) and a marina manager. He now ambitions to make Cala del Forte a praiseworthy port. And he certainly seems to be on the right path.

Tell us about your professional background. 

I have lived and breathed sailing since I was a young boy, my first experience was when I was 11 years old. I was later fortunate enough to turn this passion into a career when I took part in the 1992 America’s Cup, on board  Il Moro di Venezia. For the last 15 years I have worked for a company specialised in yacht and private marina management, as a consultant for the Marina di Rimini and as more recently as the director of the Marina di Loano from 2011 until December 2017.

How do you see the management of Cala del Forte ?

Cala del Forte will truly be a pearl on the Mediterranean shore, not only because of its design and level of security, but also because of the beauty and comfort it will offer. Its management will of course follow these same parameters. There will be security cameras placed throughout the entire marina and a 24h surveillance team. We will also strive to organise and maintain a very high quality service. This includes support personnel for the owners and the maintenance and cleaning of the marina. Everything we do will be dedicated to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients whist consciously maintaining an environmentally sustainable approach.

What new technologies will be present in Cala del Forte ?

Most of our new technology will be aimed at environmental sustainability. Our energy system in particular will benefit from state of the art technology which will reduce consumption and emissions, allowing a greater respect for our environment.

How will the shipowner benefit from them ?

The owners will benefit from support tailored specifically to their needs and to the comfort and security of their boats. For the client, this all translates into an inspiring experience and a worthy investment in a sought-after private marina with only 176 berths, the perfect size to fully enjoy one’s passion.

How is the construction work progressing ?

The work is all going according to plan. We keep up to date with the port’s planning and building processes on a daily basis, offering our support and experience in day-to-day marina management. This allows us to make those seemingly small tweaks that end up being of fundamental importance to the satisfaction and success of the port’s management.

Could you tell us about the commercial premises, whose construction work will begin soon ?

The commercial premises of a marina are, actually, incredibly important, since they play a significant part in making the clients’ stay such a pleasant experience. They must actively respond to the clients’ needs and at the same time offer added value to the community ; in this case to the lovely community of Ventimiglia. It follows that what we look for in a merchant is their intrinsic quality, the quality of their goods and of their services. We are currently sifting through requests by merchants from Monaco but also from Ventimiglia, Sanremo, Imperia and Turin. The construction work for commercial premises will start by next summer and are expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2019.

What are the biggest advantages of becoming a berth owner in Cala del Forte ?

Owners will enjoy a permanently reserved berth with services of the highest quality guaranteed by Monaco Ports, all framed within the historical beauty of Ventimiglia and its renowned beaches. Another advantage can be found in its nodal position, close to the marinas on the Italian and French coasts. All of this will make becoming a berth owner at Cala del Forte an excellent investment. The proof of these advantages can be measured by the successful amount berths already sold

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