Yacht Class n°25 (june-july-august 2021)

Communauté Hellenique de Monaco

On 25 March 2021, the strong Hellenic Community of Monaco, created in 1952 and currently chaired by Ms. Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis, celebrated the 200th anniversary of independence of its motherland. The members, shipowners, and/or Captains of some of the most beautiful ships in Monaco, have cheered in a beautiful way. Note that the Monegasque Hellenic Community is not only open to Greek nationals, but to all those who love Greece. Its history, its customs, its islands, I invite you to discover them, to understand with critical thinking the pride that its people show, throughout the world, and mainly in Monaco.

A bit of story

Signed on 3 February 1830, the London Protocol, which decided on the creation of an independent Greek state under the protection of the Russian, British and French powers, and which was ratified in 1832 by the defeated Ottoman Empire, was a crucial step in the slow advent of the principle of nationalities in Europe. It was the first diplomatic victory since the Congress of Vienna in 1815, when the principle of dynastic legitimacy had triumphed. The anti-Ottoman revolt, initiated by Greek secret societies in the Balkans in 1821, was soon limited to southern Greece and the Aegean islands. The Greek resistance to the harsh Turkish reaction aroused the sympathy of the European liberal movement, as well as of conservative circles, which intended to support a Christian people.

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