Yacht Class n°29 (june-july-august 2022)

Praise for design and singularity 

Difficult to categorize, this unit with an offbeat concept is in a way a motor yacht that borrows from the sailing world. A very personal line, a gentle “touch of the sea”, zen living spaces and high-tech equipment that pique curiosity… In short, the V8 is a vessel for freethinkers, certainly aestheticizing, but good for the senses. Starting with the view !

Written by Philippe Leblond – Photos : All rights reserved

The Naples-based shipyard presents its latest creation as a yacht that “blends sailing and motorboating”. And it’s more than a simple implied reference made by the steering wheels on each side… In her shapes, her way of sailing, this motor yacht has the soul of a sailboat. This originality is enhanced by the creative layout and equipment. It is an understatement to say that Valerio Rivellini, the man behind this 77-foot, was inspired. We do not know of a motor yacht of less than 24 metres so sophisticated. This Neapolitan architect-designer was actually in charge of the hull design, the exterior lines and the interior layout…

Technology, elegance, seduction

The assets of this new EVO Yachts include an unusual beam for a monohull of less than 80 feet: 7.17 metres! She even reaches 9.50 metres when the bulwarks are open, creating a terrace of about 45 m2, which immediately qualifies as a “private beach”. On board the V8, amazement is everywhere, subtleties are revealed one after another, as she boasts an advanced integration of the various equipment. In the cockpit, a vast outdoor dining area becomes an open-air cinema thanks to the large retractable TV screen. There is also a vanishing hydraulic stepladder leading to the flybridge, where are located four sunbeds in a rectangle configuration. The railings and helm station are also vanishing, so that from the outside, this “Roof Top” is undetectable. The foredeck is no exception, with a dinette that comes up from the deck and can also be converted into a sunbed or a plunge pool.  Inside, the reception area, which includes the lounge, dining area and wheelhouse, boasts large electric windows. The one separating the lounge from the cockpit features a liquid crystal film that makes it completely opaque. We also find this refinement in the master, to enhance privacy when the beach club is used. The lower deck – “full custom” according to the shipyard – houses the galley and four cabins, including one for two sailors. The two guest cabins are amidships, the VIP is at the bow, while the master suite has a surface area unprecedented for a yacht of this length: almost 40 m2! In addition, the owner enjoys an adjacent lounge, directly connected to the beach club, offering a view or an access to the sea when its window is open.
The aesthetic pursuit is present everywhere, like with the teak boards sometimes transverse, lengthwise or oblique, or the polygonal glass roof above the reception area. Note that the parquet floor has the same pattern… Particular attention was given to the materials, coverings and fabrics, and the general finish calls for nothing but praise.

The unsettling sensation of steering a sailboat

There was no stress as we left the berth, in Cannes, at the helm of the EVO V8. The IPS coupled with the two 1 000 hp Volvo engines and their electronic controls, including the famous joystick, are remarkably docile. Once outside, the cross swell created a slight roll that quickly subsided thanks to the stabilisers. From the first few miles, we were struck by how smoothly this motor yacht navigates. No doubt, this EVO boasts sailing boat features! When at the helm of one of the two steering wheels, we could not help looking up, as if to check the inexistent sail trimming…! In adverse weather conditions, the wheelhouse, protected by the panoramic windscreen, is also available, while in fine weather, the flybridge helm station is tempting. Yes, the V8 has four helm stations !
She smoothly crossed the numerous wakes encountered. In turns, the V8 also showed progressive reactions. No matter the engine rpm, be it at sailboat speed (8 to 10 knots), at a cruising one (16.1 knots at 2 000 rpm) or at full throttle (23 knots at 2 400 rpm), the Volvos remained discreet: no vibrations, soundproofing, subtle reversing… Our sound measurement indicated only 57 decibels at 16 knots, in the main cabin and in the wheelhouse. Back in port, we enjoyed maneuvering from one of the two “sail” helm stations, with its perfect view of the distance separating the stern from the quay. This yacht quickly instills confidence and does not require a professional skipper. Valerio Rivellini sums up the philosophy of this yacht: “EVO V8 combines the speed of a motor yacht with the comfort and relaxation of sailing”

Technical sheet

23,71 m
7,17 m
1,50 m
Fuel capacity
4 150 l
950 l
pleine charge : 64 t
2 x Volvo Penta IPS1350
2 x 1 000 ch diesels
Maximum speed
23 nds
Autonomy at
18,7 nds : 249 milles
HT : à partir de 3 850 000 €
Naval architect
Valerio Rivellini
Designer ext.
Valerio Rivellini
Interior designer
Valerio Rivellini
Blue Emme Yachts (Naples – Italie)

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