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Turquoise Yachts

She undoubtedly owes her name to her extremely refined interior and unexpected decoration. Designed by H2 Yacht Design and the owner, whose influence was dominant, she also stands out by her almost unparalleled livability.

Written : Alain Brousse – Photos : DR 

Lets take a brief historical look at the origins of Turquoise Yachts, which in 1997 joined forces with another Turkish manufacturer, Proteksan, one of the first to build steel-hulled yachts in the 1970s. Proteksan-Turquoise eventually became Turquoise Yachts, specialising in the 50 to 90 metre segment, mostly custom-built models. Lets focus on the Jewels, named after a very refined decoration. The silhouette of this 53 metre was imagined by Miami-based designer Luiz de Basto, who defined her as follows : “Elegant lines, meant to create forward movement and exude timelessness”. In fact, the profile of this four-deck is quite classical without detracting from her overall appearance, with a pointed and slender bow. One of her strengths is her incomparable livability. The shipyard points out that Jewels has about 15% more volume than a typical 55 metre. Thus, this 53 metre offers a total surface area of ​​575m2, including 320m2 for the interiors. Clearly, this four-deck deserves to be described as very habitable, a characteristic that was written in capital letters in the owners specifications even before the design began. Indeed, they wanted a boat that would be able to accommodate their many friends.

A 120m2  sunbridge

Jewels is not one of the so-called trendy boats, but this does not prevent her from being user-friendly, a characteristic favoured by exterior designer Luiz De Basto. Lets start with the stern which, obviously, has a teak-laid swim platform of 12m2 that remains free. The two tenders and jetskis are positioned forward of the upper deck where a crane is located. The transom rises electrically to reveal a saloon. A staircase on each side leads up to the cockpit, which also has classic design with a U-shaped sofa and two coffee tables. Its 18m2 is sheltered by an upper deck. But the level that will appeal to lovers of space and panoramic views is the sundeck. This large spot of 120m2 can accommodate five deckchairs in the rear part, then two similar lounges (two L-shaped sofas and two coffee tables) for ten guests, a kitchenette with grill, a bar and solariums forward. A dining table for twelve is another option, especially since a roof shade half of this highest level. Note that the forward part of the upper deck can accommodate a 6.30m tender, a 4.30m rescue boat and two jetskis. It can also be used as a touch and go for the service helicopter.

Lots of space

There is an inevitable visual surprise when entering this yacht. Despite having been warned about a choice of decor very rarely seen on yachts of this type, we really felt like discovering a very personal universe. The shipowner certainly wanted an atmosphere reminiscent of the luxury of yesteryear. H2 Yacht Design got the message perfectly. Marble, fine woods, fine fabrics, metals including gold, carpets and rugs, it has sourced its materials from top craftsmen, not to say artists. And this can be seen in each of the three decks: lower, main and upper.  Jewels is indeed a kind of pearl, given the elements chosen to perfect her refinement. Lets forget contemporary references and discover a world that emphasises colours and shapes we are used to seeing in places from another era. Once again, H2 Yacht Design has scrupulously respected the owners wishes. On the main deck, a 30m2 lounge area is equipped with two stylish comfortable sofas and four thick marble-topped coffee tables. There, up to a dozen people will enjoy undeniable comfort before joining the equally classy dining table that can accommodate them all. Behind the partition, 35m2 are devoted to the main galley, with high-end equipment. The forward third of the main deck is large enough to accommodate two cabins. First, there is the generous owners suite of 32m2, also decorated with great care and materials of indisputable wealth. Refinement is at its best here. Its bathroom includes two washbasins, a bathtub, separate toilets and an independant shower. There is no wasted space in this unit. Next to the master cabin is a 16m2 VIP cabin. Needless to say, its universe is in line with the other volumes.

Five cabins on the lower deck

Considering its surface area of around 220m2 (passenger and crew cabins, mess, galley and engine compartment), the lower deck could only be very hospitable. It is accessed by two staircases on the main deck, one in the middle of the guest areas and the other one, a little further forward on the port side, for the crew. Its ten members have five double cabins with bunk beds, each with its own bathroom. They also enjoy a mess and a private galley to avoid any promiscuity  with passengers. Of the nine cabins on this 53 metre (two on the upper deck, two on the main deck including the master), five are gathered belowdecks : four doubles amidships and one completely offset since it is located at the stern, right next to the water sports venue, the beach club. Obviously, this lower deck is as comfortable as the other decks. 

Turquoises Jewels, with her timeless appearance, steel hull and aluminium superstructures, quietly sails at 15 knots at the maximum speed of her diesel engines, i.e. 2 x CAT C32 (2 x 1 300 hp). She was designed for long family cruises and it would not be surprising to learn that she targets magical places such as the Bahamas, after the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

Technical sheet

53 m
9,50 m
3,25 m
Fuel capacity
70 000 l
21 600 l
coque en acier et superstructures en alu
2 x diesels Caterpillar C32
2 x 1 300 ch
Maximum speed
15 nds
Naval architect
Turquoise Yachts
Designer ext.
De Basto Design
Interior designer
H2 Yacht Design
Turquoise Yachts (Istanbul – Turquie)

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