Yacht Class n°17 (june-july-august 2019)


At nearly 60 knots, the marine relief passes very quickly. The largest Lomac displays such a masterful behaviour that everything is under control. Its silhouette captures the attention and its cabin makes it possible to spend a weekend away from traffic, in a dream mooring. As it is, the new Gran Turismo is a quite appealing escort-boat!

Written by & photos : Philippe Leblond

We discovered this splendid RIB during the trials of the new Yamaha XTO, V8 that develops 425 horsepower. Fitted with three of this outboard engine – which represents the paltry sum of 1 275 hp – the Gran Turismo 14.0 is true to its name, the miles spinning by at an almost unreal pace without affecting the comfort of the occupants. While its silhouette is sporty, it remains elegant, fluid and stripped of artifices, taking advantage of the pretty curve of the windscreen extending into a hard top.

At 4 000 rpm, the V8 are still quick to answer

Enough contemplation, the time had come to make these V8 talk! On the first acceleration, the impression of the power given by this new Yamaha was phenomenal. In less than 5 seconds, the 8 tons of the Gran Turismo were planing and devouring the waves, piling up dozens of knots: 20, 30, 40, 50…  From 4 000 rpm on, the trims had already taken it to the next level. Further pressing of one of the push-buttons and the GPS achieved its best result: 56.4 knots. The ephemeral antifouling covering the hull must have costed the top speed one or two knots since, during the shipyard trials (with an untreated hull), it would have reached 58.9 knots with three people on board (one more), but less fuel (250 litres, instead of 750 during our test). As for performance, the new Yamaha did their job, with 0.24 mile per litre at 3 000 rpm (25.5 knots). The consumption was then only of 35 l/h per engine. Which proved the XTO’s efficiency despite its huge displacement (5.6 litres).  But let’s forget the figures for a moment to express our pleasure to be at the helm of such a boat. Its hull, similar to the yard’s Adrenalina’s range, is close to perfection. The “touch of the sea” was a delight on this rigid inflatable boat that instantly responds to the pilot, be it at the helm or on the accelerator levers. Even at 4 000 rpm, the Yamaha still had an impressive answer when pushed to the limits! The initiation of the turn was clean, and the guidance to the exit diabolically precise. To add to the pleasure, the chorus of the big V8 was up to the task, offering a dull and furious rumbling in the low and mid-range speeds followed by lyrical flights when the rev counter rises towards the red zone. After an appreciation of the smooth passage in the waves, in port, the pilot has two essential tools to manage its docking: bow thruster and Helm Master (manoeuvring joystick).

Two XXL sunbeds for UV enthusiasts

We boarded via an aesthetic, light and practical carbon gangway. The swim platform supporting the three outboards allows moving from one side to the other. The high ski mast will make the execution of figures easy for wakeboarders. The deck shower is connected to a 170-litre fresh water tank and can also provide hot water (optional). The spacious aft sunbed conceals a huge subdivided hold. The cut-out visible in the teak in front of the settee is actually the dinette table, which comes out of the deck thanks to an electric cylinder. It can accommodate six or seven adults, which is not much compared to competition. In addition to the refrigerators, the galley unit has a sink with cutting board and hotplate (optional). The polyester forepeak integrates the windlass and the anchor coming out of the hawse pipe. Of course, it can be operated locally via a remote control. In addition to the aft solarium, the GT 14.0 also hosts a large forward sunpad, bringing the area allocated to farniente to nearly 9 m2.

A king size in the cabin 

Before visiting the cabin, let’s take a look at the helm station… the soft and enveloping seat offers a very satisfying piloting ergonomics, both standing or sitting. The electric controls are within easy reach, as are the manoeuvring joysticks. The dashboard is spacious, integrating side by side a 10″ and a 12″ Garmin. One downside, however, is the absence of glove compartments! The sliding door leads the cabin. A slight disappointment regarding the layout and decoration as the GT 14.0 is not as luxurious as some of its competitors. While the two types of wood were appreciated, we would have liked something more luxurious or design… The maximum headroom is 1.78 m, including in the bathroom which features a shower cubicle, a sink and an electric marine toilet connected to an 80-litre black water tank. A long console glazing provides abundant natural light, but there is no opening porthole to let in some fresh air. The sleeping area also enjoys glass panels, plus a king size berth: 205 x 195 cm! Enough to set the yacht aside for a romantic cruise, without too much concerns about distances since, at 25.5 knots, the range exceeds 200 miles.

Technical sheet

13,64 m
4,15 m
0,80 m
3 x Yamaha 425 ch
Maximum speed
56,4 nds
Autonomy at
croisière : 155 milles

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