Yacht Class n°23 (dec 2020/jan-feb 2021)


Written by: Philippe Leblond – Photos : Philippe Leblond &  All rights reserved

Still in the famous Adrenalina family, here is the 10.5. Launched three years ago, it gets a “Limited Edition” for the sixtieth anniversary of the Milanese shipyard. The AD 10.5 is now even more stylish, with a few high-end decorative elements. The most obvious is the superb, marine-treated leather upholstery, which also decorates the central insert of the Mercury V8, the dashboard and the cockpit coamings. This thick red leather also covers the bedroom of the cabin console, and its characteristic scent gives the impression of getting in a Maserati Quattroporte. The Adrenalina 10.5 is directly derived from the AD 9.5, from which it takes the dimensions (same hull). Its extra length comes from the addition of a motor bracket providing a fictitious lengthening of the waterline and allowing the propellers to work in denser water, away from the transom. Another major difference with her predecessor, an oversized helm station, with a wider console and leaning-post. Thus, the pilot enjoys a larger dashboard and helm seat. The console-cabin also benefits from a more spacious sleeping area, with still twin beds (195 x 48 cm) that can be converted into a double bed (195 x 142 cm) thanks to a mattress extension covering the chemical toilet. As an option, Lomac offers a marine toilet with a black water tank. If not intended for long stays at sea, this cabin will be much appreciated for a nap or a weekend, when in the evening, one doesn’t feel like leaving a dream cove. The small kitchenette formed by the leaning-post offers, in addition to a standard refrigerator, an optional sink and stove, to heat the morning coffee. The shower, on the other hand, is located on the swim platform… Another advantage compared to the AD 9.5 is the large permanent, aft sunbed, with a backrest that tilts forward to increase its surface area (160 x 216 cm).

Only 60 litres per hour at 28 knots

Like any true Adrenalina, the AD 10.5 has a thoroughbred temperament. Just have a look at our test report to appreciate the figures… Maximum speed, 56.7 knots (with the T-top!), 3”7 to get out of the water, 4”5 to go from stop to 20 knots! No need to say that the two 300 hp Mercury V8 push hard. But they also proved to be discreet in terms of sound and economical at cruising speeds. At 3 500 rpm, or 28 knots, their total consumption is only 60 litres per hour! At this speed, the Adrenalina can cover 235 miles, which offers many perspectives for navigation in the Mediterranean and significantly spaces out the stops at the fuel station. And when time is short, the captain can push the throttle at 4 500 rpm, or 40.3 knots, a speed at which it still has a range of 200 nm. As you will have understood, this Adrenalina is a machine to “shorten distances”, and for this reason its sharp V-shaped hull ensures the crew a certain comfort. In a swell of 60 to 80 cm, and no matter the sea direction, there is almost no impact. At full speed, the few small alleviations above the water are followed by smooth landings, with a near-horizontal trim. A delight! The same goes for sporty turns, where the Lomac naturally follows the curve, with a marked inward heel and a constant grip, along with very precise steering, regardless of the turning radius. This Adrenalina 10.5 has the makings of a classy and sporty tender, with its many seats and brio.

  • Max speed : 56,7 knots à 5 700 tr/min with 2 x Mercury 300 hp
  • Fast cruising speed : 40,3 knots at 4 500 tr/min
  • Economical cruising speed :  28,0 knotss at 3 500 tr/min
  • Lifting off time :  3,7 secondes 
  • Acceleration from 0 to 20 knots :  4,5 secondes
  • Consumption in normal use :  60,0 l/h à 3 500 tr/min
  • Range in normal use :  235 milles à 28 knots

Technical sheet

9,62 m
3,50 m
Fuel capacity
560 l
maxi : 2 x 300 ch (441 ,6 kW)

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