Yacht Class n°24 (march-april-may 2021)


Written by: Philippe Leblond – Photos Lionel Beylot

It was in 2012 Capelli’s first XXL rigid inflatable boat and the flagship of the Tempest range for six years. Two years ago, it had to pass on this honorary title to the T50, which still has this status. Its launch really was a leap forward from the existing Tempest range, whose largest model was the 1000 (10 metres). With its 13.20 metres, the T44 is still a sensation and its sober design has hardly aged at all. Especially since the style and deck plan have evolved, with mainly the U-shaped dinette and its single large table while the original model was equipped with opposite settees around two small tables. In addition, the quilted upholstery gives an extra stylish touch that perfectly blends in with the deck real teak covering. On the other hand, the swim platform, which still acts as a bracket for the three outboards, remains small for a unit of this size. 
The modification of the deck did not penalize the two sunbathing areas, which jointly offer more than 12 m2!  The new dinette can seat comfortably nine guests in all circumstances since it is a permanent feature, as is the sunbed (no conversion). The kitchenette is within easy reach and offers a stove, a sink and a refrigerator of good capacity. And in case of bad weather, it is possible to use the dinette (for only five) in the main cabin (an 1.99 m headroom) which also houses a small kitchen unit. Comfort for cruising is not a meaningless word on the T44, which provides two large berths (200 x 160 cm at the bow, 224 x 170 cm under the cockpit) sharing a well-equipped bathroom with shower cabin (headroom :1.82 m), sink and WC. Let’s not forget the helm station, sheltered by a hard-top, and its two comfortable armchairs with a tilting half-seat to guarantee good ergonomics, both seated and standing. A small reproach: when sitting, the co-pilot does not have a footrest…

In port, we appreciated the intuitive handling of the joystick

With the arrival of the three V8 XTO, the performance of the T44 has made a leap forward. Not that the boat was “dragging” with its three F300 (45.5 knots), but the gain is not insignificant as it has a top speed of 52.1 knots. When these monstrous V8 are at full speed, the water is flowing under the hull at nearly 100 km/h!  Not bad for an assembly displacing over eight tons… Another source of satisfaction is the engine performance that has hardly decreased despite the 375 additional horsepower. Thus, at 3 500 rpm, or 28.6 knots, it is possible to travel nearly 200 miles without stopping for fuel. Of course, as its size is significantly larger than that of the T40, it is slightly less responsive at the helm and less sharp in acceleration. However, for a RIB of this size, it remains very maneuverable, despite turning with a moderate list. It also boasts precise trajectories, a rigourous grip on angle and dynamic accelerations. In a straight line at high speed, it shows impeccable lateral and directional stability. The only downside is its tendency to “porpoise” at 20-25 knots, even with a negative trim setting. A lightness of the bow also penalizes it during lifting-off. Despite the impressive acceleration of the V8, the hull takes a little time to return in line. The three V8 are fitted on a bracket, hence very far back… Yet, this type of installation, which favours top speed, pays off as soon as the attitude is horizontal again. We can then positively trim in search of the maximum rpm and a speed over 50 knots. Note that there is no feeling of over-motorization with this new homologation with the new V8 XTO. Back to port, the new Helm Master EX makes one appreciate the precision of the electronic controls and the intuitiveness of the joystick. The bow thruster may be useful in case of strong crosswind…

  • Overall length: 13,10 m
  • Max beam: 4,00 m
  • Max Power: 3 x 425 ch (938 ,4 kW) 
  • Weigh(without engine): 6 000 kg 
  • Sleeping arrangements: 2+2
  • Fuel: 1 000 l
  • CE Category:B
  • Price excl taxes: 402 500 € (without engine)
  • Max speed: 52,1 nds at 5 500 tr/min with 3 x Yamaha 425 hp
  • Fast cruising speed: 41,0 nds à 4 500 tr/min
  • Economic cruising speed: 28,6 nds à 3 500 tr/min
  • Time to get out of the water: 6,8 secondes
  • Acceleration from 0 to 20 knots: 6,0 secondes
  • Consumption at best efficiency: 133,5 l/h à 3 500 tr/min
  • Autonomy at best performance: 193 milles à 28,6 nds 

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