Yacht Class n°33 (june-july-august 2023)


Her profile speaks for itself. She is an accomplished sportsman who can easily break the 50 knot barrier. And with her saloon, galley and two cabins, she lends herself to comfortable cruising.

Written by : Alain Brousse – Photos : DR

The Italian shipyard OTAM has been focusing on the hard-top and sportfly genres for almost 40 years. Its catalogue lists a family of models that mean performance: “Fast Iconic”, a name that could not be clearer. These are units from 45 to 95 feet called HT and GTS, most of which can be customised in terms of interior fittings. Among them, the 58 HT was produced in 26 relatively different units. The 27th, named GTS, has a revised silhouette and is the work of Giuseppe Bagnardi, a designer who has worked in the automobile industry and who now designs very modern yachts up to 55 metres. For undeniable aesthetic reasons, the 58 GTS does not have a balcony. What’s more, the gangways are narrow, which means that movement to the foredeck, to the technical area, can only be done at a standstill or at very low speeds and in calm weather, for safety reasons.

56 knots at full throttle

As far as propulsion is concerned, the tone is set: 2 x 1 835 hp, admittedly diesel, but power of this level for an “almost” 17-metre boat suggests flattering performance. Especially since the transmissions are Arneson ASD14, in other words, surface propellers synonymous with speed. On the day of our test, the weather conditions were not really favourable with a strong wind (30 knots), a natural wave maker. But according to the shipyard, the 21-degree V-shaped hull is not the type to be impressed. That is all we are asking for. In fact, the OTAM 58 GTS immediately proves to be a lively boat, albeit with a high level of engine noise. The 56 knots on the GPS display make us forget about the decibels. A great result that puts this open hard-top in the category of great sports. The pleasure continues at a cruising speed of 40 knots, this time sheltered from the wind. The hull handles the rough water very well. It will just be necessary to negotiate the bends calmly so as not to take on any spray.

A contemporary design

Born for performance, the OTAM 58 GTS has also been designed for family cruising with an interesting living space below deck. Prior to this, we will appreciate the space of the main deck (the extension of the cockpit with two solariums), protected by the roof, which offers a lounge for four people on the port side and, opposite, a bench seat for two and a storage unit where we will install, among other things, a removable TV screen. The wheelhouse occupies the forward port side and accommodates only one person, in this case the pilot. The dashboard is well designed. To the right of the controls, a door opens onto the living area of the foredeck. It must be said that it has been fitted out with a certain degree of ergonomics. Priority is given to the galley, which is a 2.5 metre long piece of furniture placed on the starboard side against the planking of the gangway. It is equipped with an electric hob, a sink, a fridge, a work surface and storage space. The whole, hidden by a bonnet, is discreet and pleasing to the eye. Opposite, a partition, with a door of course, hides the guest cabin, which has a double bed and a bathroom with a separate shower. The owner’s cabin is located at the very front in the bow, a V-shaped space with a double bed in a modern decor, just like the other spaces. This master has a bathroom with separate shower. Very fast, the OTAM 58 GTS also knows how to receive guests for a cruising programme.

Technical sheet

16,80 m
4,68 m
1,29 m
Fuel capacity
3 000 l
300 l
Aramat et Kevlar
30 t
2 x diesels MTU 12V2000 M96
2 x 1 835 ch
Maximum speed
56 nds
Naval architect
Tagliani Marin Design
Designer ext.
Giuseppe Bagnardi
Interior designer
Giuseppe Bagnardi
OTAM (Gênes - Italie)
Ocean Drive (Golfe-Juan - France)

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