Yacht Class n°35 (dec 2023/jan-feb 2024)


Widely acclaimed when it was launched five years ago, the GT 14.0 is now available in an X version with a redesigned stern. The result is an even more comfortable dining area and better circulation on board. Not to mention the trio of new 450 hp Yamaha XTO V8 engines. 

Written by : Philippe Leblond – Photos : Philippe Leblond et DR

Unveiled at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018, the GranTurismo 14.0 made a significant impression. First for its size and its sleek lines, which bear the signature of Milanese Federico Fiorentino, then for its navigational efficiency and finally for its great performances. This year, same place, same setting, same impressions, except that this ”phase 2” flagship of the Italian shipyard has had its stern modified and its power increased to 1 350 hp, 75 hp more than the ”Phase 1”.

A more welcoming aft dinette

Access is via a large folding ladder that replaces the narrow carbon gangway of the first GT 14.0. The absence of a “passage” in the large aft sunbed, noted on the old version, has left room to two side gangways, to prevent the mattress from being trampled on when reaching the cockpit. The bathing platform, which accommodates the three engines, makes it possible to move from one side to the other, which is not always the case on multi-engined RIB where the outboards complicate access for bathing. The ”redesigned”, high ski pole will allow wakeboarding and its figures, while the deck shower can also provide hot water as an option. This spacious sunbathing area remains generous in size (190 x 187 cm). Now, the main evolution of the new GT 14.0X: its dinette! This GranTurismo can accommodate two additional guests thanks to the two long opposite settees and their two (electrically adjustable) tables replacing the single U-shaped bench and single table. Eight adults can thus enjoy this convivial place. The kitchen is equipped with fridge, freezer, sink with cutting board and induction hob. On both sides, wide gangways (36 cm) lead to the foredeck via three steps. The latter is also covered with a large sunpad (2.40 x 1.50 m). The forepeak, at the end of a long polyester module that surrounds the sunbathing area, integrates the electric windlass and its anchor coming out of the bow hawse. Naturally, the windlass can also be operated locally via a wired remote control. The helm station has a satisfactory ergonomic design, whether one standing or sitting. The electrical controls are well placed under the right hand, including the latest Helm Master joystick connected to the bow thruster. The co-pilot’s seat offers the same level of comfort, except that it does not have a footrest. The dashboard is spacious enough to integrate a navigation center with large screens, for example two 10 and 12 inch monitors. Inside the cabin, there is room for a little customization, like this navy blue covering on the partitions of the new GT 14.0X whereas the previous version had a natural wood look. Headroom is 1.78 m, as in the head with a walk-in shower, a washbasin and an electric marine toilet connected to an 80-litre black water tank. A long console window provides plenty of natural light, but there is no opening porthole to create an air draught. The sleeping area also has glass panels and a king-sized double bed: 2.05 x 1.95 m!

Above average nautical qualities

On board the GT 14.0X, the 75 additional horsepower of the new 450 hp Yamaha XTO (the first version of the GT 14.0 was fitted with 425 hp XTO) is not really noticeable, neither at the helm nor in the figures. Although the GT 14.0X has a slightly faster top speed (57.3 knots instead of 56.4 knots), it is slower in acceleration (7” from 0 to 20 knots versus 5”2). One reason for this is that the GT 14.0X is significantly heavier than its predecessor: 7 071kg versus 5 800kg, without the engines. In any case, the fact that it can easily exceed 50 knots points to other major criteria: the safety guaranteed by its behaviour and the comfort it offers when navigating. And in this respect there is no difference to speak of, as the new version is just as excellent as the previous one. The Yahamas V8s get the job done, whether when planing with a barely perceptible nose-up, or when cruising with a relatively discreet sound and flattering outputs considering the cumulative displacement: 16 800 cm3… This is particularly true at 3 500 rpm with a fuel consumption of 141 l/h and a ratio of 0.23 miles per litre, which is praiseworthy, especially as at this speed, the GT 14.0X reaches 33 knots! This means that Calvi is only three hours away from Saint-Tropez… And all this, with a level of comfort and safety that we can only imagine to be excellent (the sea conditions during the test were too mild to make any assessment). Another element of driving pleasure is the maneuverability of this massive RIB. It can link turns with aplomb, whatever the radius involved. Finally, back in port, we hardly thought about using the Helm Master with its joystick and connected bow thruster, as this Lomac maneuvers so easily with the reversers, central engine off. Captains or owners of superyachts will appreciate it!

Technical sheet

13,70 m
4,15 m
Fuel capacity
995 l
170 l
polyester, Néoprène, Hypalon
3 x Yamaha XTO V8
3 x 450 ch
Maximum speed
57,3 nds
Autonomy at
à 33 nds : 210 milles
518 400 € (sans moteurs)
Naval architect
Federico Fiorentino
Lomac (Milan – Italie)
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