Yacht Class n°14 (sept-oct-nov 2018)


Over 50 knots. The Ribco and her twin 350 hp Mercury Verado like to show off! This sporty unit has more than one string to her bow and is meant to be either a tender or an attractive “escort boat”.

Written by Alain Brousse – Photos : Alan

Despite economic difficulties, the Greek nautical industry has managed to stay on course, as we could see with tender builders such as Ribco, a company based in the Athens area. A few months ago, Yacht Class was the first to try the Venom 44. With her 3 x 350 hp Mercury Verado, she delivered then a top performance and even hit 60.5 knots on the Greek waters. We were quickly convinced by her sporty and marine behaviour. This time, we tested her little sister, the Seafarer 36, which also has 350 ch Mercury Verado 4-stroke but a twin configuration. Our sea trial took place in Monaco, after a departure from the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco.

All down to speed !

Port manoeuvres were only a mere formality as this Ribco can be steered with the fingertips. Comfortably seated in a bolster seat facing the dashboard, the pilot quickly acquires an understanding of its gauge and controls. With temperature close to 30 degrees, we appreciated the retractable windshield that electrically rises into the T-Top roof to let the refreshing sea air in. We opted first for the sitting position, ideal with its ergonomic seat, yet, beyond 40 knots we left our bolster seat, lowered the bottom to steer standing, with our feet placed on an adjustable footrest, an additional asset for “sporty” outings for example. In only five seconds, her deep V, four-stepped hull, which also has a pronounced chine, accelerated to reach her minimum planing speed. Then number paraded on the rev counter, going from 1 250 rpm to 6 000 rpm in only 35 seconds, before showing a maximum speed of 52 knots. This is fairly good but it can still be improved. We would recommend opting for a high performance antifouling (essential if the boat stays afloat a long time), rather than the basic one our unit had. According to our power curve, her economic cruising speed is at 3 500 rpm, which represents 27 knots, a 75l/h consumption and a 273 miles range. Enough for a round-trip from the continent to Corsica, without any queue at the pump, which are quite frequent in summer. In a wide curve, the Ribco remained very smooth, even at high speeds. She can make tight turns, but only with a seasoned pilot who can for example avoid any chine locks at 40 knots… Undesirable, especially for passengers! However, the Ribco is a safe and very pleasant to pilot.  

She can seat eight passengers

On our test unit, the circulation is easy and a hard-top was sheltering the four adjustable bolster seats. The cockpit also featured a bench seat for three to four passengers, which means that she can comfortably seat eight people. As authorized by her certification, she can board two additional passengers on the foredeck sunbed. Note that the Seafarer 36 is also available in a console version, with only two bolsters and a kitchenette. Our “Monegasque” model had a folding teak panel that acted as a table. She also had plenty of storage. For instance, the two cockpit bench seats rise to unveil limited but very useful trunks. The aft volumes is even more interesting since it can act as either a storage or berths. So does the bow one. This is also perfect to extend the stopover beyond sunset for a nautical camping every now and then.

Day boat or tender

Ribco deliberately opted for black color, mostly for its floats, since it gives her both a professional and classy looks. Unfortunately, as we all know, black tends to retain heat. Don’t forget it before sitting there. She also has Orca CR/CSM (Hypalon) floats, a high-end fabric resistant to many elements including seawater, UV, ozone, cold oils… and famous for aging well.

This sporty, comfortable and seaworthy RIB offers a high finish. She obviously has a place on large units as a sports tender. But she can also act as an escort boat, which is growing practice in the yachting sector.

Technical sheet

Overall length
10,50 m
3,25 m
environ 0,60 m
Fuel capacity
760 l
2 x Mercury Verado 350 ch 4-temps
27 nds
Maximum speed
52 nds
Autonomy at
273 milles
230 000 € H.T
Naval architect
Lorne Cambell
Designer ext.
Ribco (Koropi – Grèce)
Monaco Rib Boat (Monaco)

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